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Summer’s Late, so Add Some Sunshine to Your Wardrobe!

Updated: May 15, 2019

It’s the middle of May and here in the East coast, we’re still waiting for the sun to put its hat on! Fear not, Fab Patterns will make sure your wardrobe can bring you some summer sunshine. Check out all the Poppin’ Prints we have for you!

Brushstroke Brilliance

Starting with the Blue Jungle shirt that brings the bold brushstroke brilliance, which are trending in a huge way this SS19. Pair it with some simple slacks and your old school sneakers for a surefire summer smash.

All-Round Winner

Followed by the 2019 favorite, The Gentleman shirt! This all-year gem brings the character out in bucket loads, the perfect conversation starter for all occasions.

Father's Day Favorite

Next the perfect father’s day gift for all the stylish dads out there! The Five Shades of Blue Shirt teams well with jeans or slacks, trainers or shoes. However your dad chooses to wear this one, the blue-hued piece is an easy seasonal win.

Simple Summer Style

Hopefully with everything soon to be in bloom outside, the Summer Confetti shirt goes a long way. This simple classic colorful leaf pattern delivers on all fronts.

Floral Finesse

Finally every wardrobe needs some floral finesse, let your top half do all the talking with the Dark Floral shirt, and keep it simple below with a pair of your favorite jeans and Converses.

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